Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Happened to Manners?

Yesterday at a coffee date with my friends, I did not quite expect an encounter with a group of unruly college students looking as if they were very proud of what they are doing...

Me and two of my friends in high school were happily catching up with each other in a coffee shop when we accidentally witnessed a group of college boys mercilessly beating up another college boy. The friends of the beaten boy were about to approach to help their friend when they were stopped by the companions of the other group. They should have noticed that many people were looking at them, so they decided to break it off. However, before parting ways, a guy from the first group yelled with pride and might: "Ano ha? Lalaban pa kayo? Mga taga-PCCR kami! Kayo? Taga saan kayo, PMI?"

I had a fair share of knowing these types of unruly boys and I can assure that these types of teenagers will go beat anyone without any reason at all. As they always say: "Naangasan ako sa kanya e, sinuntok ko." 

Okay. So they informed everyone who saw them that, shamefully enough, they are from PCCR.

Philippine College of Criminology. According to their website, they are the best and the pioneer school of Criminology in the Philippines. As I learned, people who choose to go to that school were the ones who want to belong in the police force in the future. 

Now, I refuse to believe that all students from PCCR are rude and lacks discipline; let alone doing such acts to a boy who does not fight back, and of course, in a public place for that manner. As much as it is sometimes highly inevitable to believe how rude and unruly some youths of today can be, (not to mention the proud look he had on his face, and in his voice, when he said he was from that school) I always try to pluck such character out of the situation and try to believe that, at least, not all people from that school were like that.

Maybe the boys were not aware of the reputation they might give to their school after that incident. Not to mention that many people really heard that they are in fact, as they claimed it to be, from PCCR. After all, I am not the type who actually judge an institution by one act of its students, but what about the rest of the people who witnessed it too?

My little after thought yesterday: Whatever will become to those boys when they enter the police force? It is saddening, really.

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